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#1 16 years ago

Greetings from those of us at g0t|rez. We would like to let everyone at gamingforums.com know that we are openly recruiting for all divisions. g0t|rez is a small(hopefully not for long!), personal multi-gaming group. We currently support Guild Wars Beta, World of Warcraft Beta, and UT2k4, and we also have a slowly expanding beta division. Once recruited, members are allowed to participate in any division they wish. We are currently recruiting anyone who is serious about gaming, and is willing to participate on the forums. Our website is www.g0trez.net. For more information, or to join, contact me VIA msn at [email="Mordeuis@hotmail.com"]Mordeuis@hotmail.com[/email], E-mail at [email="Mordeuis@fmtcs.com"]Mordeuis@fmtcs.com[/email], or PM at www.g0trez.net. See you on the battlefield...