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#1 13 years ago

Fudge is an Onslaught / TDM team based out of North America. Our server is hosted by out of their NYC hub. The majority of our players live on the east coast, but we have players from all over the continent. Our team's average age is 21-23. Our youngest player is 14 and our eldest 35.

Clan Fudge is currently developing a TDM and ONS team - the ONS team, as it has been improving quicker than the TDM squad, is signed up for the Team Warfare League Onslaught season. TDM needs more development time, however.

Any caliber of skill is welcome to try out. The only requirement is that you have playing sense. We can teach you how to frag better. We cannot teach the “common sense” of gaming, however.

Fudge doesn't recruit "l33t" players unless you've got a great personality to go along with the skill. We attempt to recruit younger (in terms of game-experience) players who show potential at becoming much better in the game, and mold them into a skillful team.

Benefits of Joining:

Play the game in a friendly atmosphere, learn the tricks of the trade, and have fun doing it! Access to our server even when it’s in private mode. Our website has image galleries & file/demo uploads for members. A kick-ass fudge-related pseudonym for in matches! (We all play in disguise when matches come around. =P)

If you’re interested, drop me an e-mail or come visit our forums at