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#1 13 years ago

I wonder if it's possible to make a vehicle that moves on the fluids, by that I mean boat on the water.? That would give a hole new dimension to the ut2k4. We would have a sea battle. Just imagine it in the vctf map!! Is that possible, and if it is, can anyone make that??


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24th October 2002

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#2 13 years ago

I think there's a lot of problems involved with that, I've never seen anyone actually create a waterborne vehicle. That said, I haven't really kept a close eye on the modding community for quite a while.


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8th February 2004

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#3 13 years ago

There is the navy mod, for UT2004. Granted, its not the greatest, its quite a feat. Mod-;30425 Patch-;30426 There may be a newer version out, but I'm not sure. I'm too tired right now to look into it any further. I played it briefly, against bots, and went to sleep. This all happened like a month or 2 ago.