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23rd March 2003

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#1 13 years ago

Hey guys, I wanted to know if anyone here plays Chaos Ut2004 and if so Dueling too? As stated in my last Post I was working on a map pack for it and so far the progress has been great. There are 4 maps to date all of which have a seperate theme and a little flavor to each. There are: Duel-Winter Oblivion. Kind of an arena set in an underground Anartic Place Duel-Urban Decay. An arena set in an old warehouse Duel-Certain Death. An arena remenicent of an ancient Miyan Temple with four very rewarding death traps

Duel-Battosai. A smaller arena set in kind of a Japanese Shrine with a few spike traps. I would say that the package in all is about 85% complete, But I am still awaiting the release of my CTF map I posted here 2 days ago.

Screens coming soon!!! :nodding: