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28th September 2002

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#1 17 years ago

Hi, I know this should go in maps/mods, but I decided to post it here instead. I'm designing a series of maps that bring a small storyline and rp element into multi-player mode.

The storyline:

Greece has been split in two, the free greeks took southern Greece, using Atlantis as their stronghold. The Opus movement in the north has fortified the town of Bashlar. Three cities lie on the contested land between them.

Vorrik:the land of freedom, a stunning waterfall lies in the middle of this map. Two cities lie on either side of the map

Hadarak:Known as the city in a line, Hadarak covers almost 60 miles of land. The battle takes place in the center of Hadarak, where each side fights at the thinnest point of the city.

C'Tel:City of the heavens, C'tel is the home to many statues and preists.

Now, each city will have 3 maps, map one will be the start of the war, both sides will have perfect defenses, high resources, and strong starting units on these pretty maps. Map two is set 3 months after the first map of the city, both sides will have moderate resources, and moderate armies, the defences will have some holes, and the map will be scarred with small fires and dead bodies. Map 3 is set 6 months after map two, you can hardly tell the map is the same if it wasn't for the landmarks, fires and bodies are everywhere, and the players armies consist of scattered milita. The defences are almost non-existant and resources are low.

In total there will be 12 maps, the 3 stages of the cities, and three additional maps. The first will be the battle in the stronghold of the opus movement, this will be straight out street fighting, pure carnage which will require a skilled commander to win. The other will be the battle for Atlantis, co-ordination between the navy and the army is essential. Third will be a night strike on a war-torn battlefeild, fires burn out as the remains from earlier battles are burned up. Both sides are planning a strike against each other, unknowingly rushing into a head to head conflict.

Positions on mod team

leader-filled (crusader) mapper-positions available beta testers:positions available plot ideas-positions available

post here if you want to join or any comments



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25th May 2003

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#2 17 years ago

then I will take the liberty of moving it :)