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2nd June 2004

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#1 16 years ago

Hi everyone I just remebered playing rail/nw freeze in Quake 3 arena... and boy that was fun !!:eek: So i started looking for a similar mod/mutator to ut2k4... but no, it wasn't there :( If you can't remember or haven't tryied it (poor you...), it's all about teamwork. You are 2 teams just as in tdm, but when you're fragged, you freeze and you go into spectatorview. Your body is left where it was shot, and a teammate can get you back into the fight by standing next to your frozen body for 2-3 seconds (is different from game to game). When you are defrozen, you respawn. You can score a point by freezing the entire opponent team. It is kind of a small jailbreak mutator, and just as addicting. Especial in instagib mode :p So, am I just a big noob who could'nt find this mod/mutator anywhere? or isn't it maked for ut2k4 yet... If it isn't, I really hope there is some people who is up for the task, because I myself can't make these mods... -3nDoRf1N