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5th August 2004

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#1 16 years ago

hi, i've been trying for two days to find a right solution(tutorial) on how to make your own character. for my project, i need to make 10 - 15 different models(all human like) and the perfect example is agent smith model... so 15 of those, right? so, i tried looking some maya tutorials( i wanted to go from scratch)/ but i realized that it will take me so much time to make all animations for my model that i had to stop that.. then i looked at upaint, and realized that what i can do is only import characters from ut2004(which are mostly some alienated models that i cannot use and paint to look like human, because they look like aliens).. now, i am completelly stucked trying to find a solution and i would really appreciate your help, give you a huge credit on my web page after i finish this work... this might be exhibited in a lot of places, so your names will be there... if people would be interested to model some existing fine artists(van gogh and others, i will support you with pics of the artists) and take part in this project that would be really great... if no, please try to suggest me how to maybe find a model that i can paint in upaint or maybe some other also qucik solution.. i know that these quick solutions are not perfect(they look terrible), so the best way would be some hard core 3d modelling that i need collaborators for.. thanks if interested in being a part of this art project please email me.. vlaaaaaaaaaada at yahoo v