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#1 12 years ago

Hi all.

We announce that there's a brand new, free toolkit for development of bots in Unreal Tournament 2004. You can use it for non-commercial use for free. We've called it Pogamut 2 and it is a plug-in for Netbeans. Bots can be developed in Java or scripting languages (Python is supported at the moment). You can download all-in-one installer (40MB) of the software from our webpage:

The platform provides integrated development environment (IDE) - code editor, log viewers, property manager, server manager, project manager, manual agent control. It contains library of classes for agent/bot construction - methods for agent's memory, inventory, commands, navigation. For quick start you may study the set of example bots that is included. The set ranges ranges from simple inventory picker to hunter, which chase his pray.

Bots are connected to the server via network using new Gamebots[GB] (older application was for connection of bots to Unreal Tournament [1999]) which were ported to new Unreal Tournament 2004 and vastly extended and debugged. Therefore you can run it on two computers - visualize what bots do in real on one and look what they think of in IDE. New GB features include recording replay, remote server control, auto trace, configuration of bot - invulnerability, etc.

For the logic of bot you can connect your own tool, use rule-based logic or POSH - reactive planner. We involved as well rule-based engine Drools for running experiments. So you can test yours bot more thoroughly and even create scenerios that you desire to run several times.

Contributions, patches, bug reports or just success stories are welcome.

You can find forum, FAQ, tutorials, documentation, mantis bug report system, mailing list and other community support on our web.

The platform is in the last phase of development. So there should be just minor bugs and full functionality.

Best regards. -- Michal Bida Ondrej Burkert Jakub Gemrot Jan Havlicek Rudolf Kadlec

Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic mobile, Jakub Gemrot: +420 606 768 646

Platform requirements: UT2004, Netbeans 5.5.1, Java JRE 1.6

Direct download page: : Download