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20th February 2006

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Name : Majestic12 UT2004 : Modification Version : 1.0 (v1.1 is coming in a week and a half) Date of release : Thursday 26 august 2004 Site : Come to #majestic12 at gamesurge


Some of the many features here in our first release is the new experience system we have added, rather than a traditional money system, which allows you to better your character as the game goes along, and the reinforcement system which allows you to respawn during the round at a certain point in time. Also, automatic speech has been integrated in this release, along with optional objectives on the maps, and locational damage effects.

The 6 maps that will be included in this release are: MJ-AthmoSphere, by Witch|K|ing MJ-UnderCover, by Witch|K|ing MJ-RailYard, by ZMan and MiNT MJ-HiddenSorrow, by Ssswing` MJ-Heliopolis, by Witch|K|ing MJ-Exposure, by Zer0.BE

\\Screenshots For screenshots look at the website.

//Story The night of July 2nd, 1947 was the day everything changed. An unidentified flying object crashed into the desert floor mere kilometres from Roswell, New Mexico. Acting with unsurpassed speed, the military quickly cordoned off the area to a suddenly curious civilian population. Unthinking, the military issued an announcement that the object was simply a malfunctioning weather balloon. The announcement sparked outrage. President Truman called an emergency meeting where he authorized Defence Secretary Forrestal to set up a new division, specifically conceived to deal with strange, unusual, and politically dangerous situations. An elite team was formed, officially codenamed Majestic 12 (Unofficially referred to as MJ-12 or MAJIC) it brought together the strongest and the brightest that North America had to offer: US Military, Navy Seals, Air Force, Reserves, even the Scientific and Intelligence communities were drawn upon. Little known facts suggest that the UFO and the extra-terrestrial biological entities (EBEs) were transported to a military test facility located in the Nevada desert. Sources indicated they set up camp near dried up Groom Lake where the base, better known as Area 51, became one of six confirmed bases where MJ-12 would operate from. What went on in those test facilities is still to this day classified. Truman’s brainchild was a success barely a year after its first conception. What the people don’t know, can’t hurt them.

For the whole story look at the website


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31st August 2004

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