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15th June 2003

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#1 15 years ago


I would like to announce Phoenix Studios, a AOM fan site and a studio all in one. How does that work? Well, we are currently doing a Mod for AOM, but if we just opened a site for a mod it would get boring so we decided to have a AOM fan site as well. Please visit it please sign up and post. For more info on the mod read this

AoM: The Prophecy, which is a full-conversion Mod, not only editing the skin of the units, but we will change about everything AoM has. So if you are an Ensemble Studios Fan, but you didn't like the Greek, the Egyptians, the Norse and of course the Atlanteans, but you'd supported other civs, like The mighty Aztecs, then this is The Mod you like. The Prophecy is a real civ mod, meaning that the four civs are replaced by four other civs. Yes, I was talking about FOUR civs, so you probably need the Titans before you can play The Prophecy.

The four civs currently are: The Aztecs; The Celts; The Chinese; The Persians.

We now are just a small group of persons working behind the screens on The Prophecy, but as said before, we need more members,

So if you are interested and you like to join the Phoenix Studios Team and you can master one of these jobs, you are in.

The Joblist: Textures: currently unlimited Skinners: also unlimited at the moment Sound Makers: unlimited Concept Designers: we still need one or two of those Random Map Scripters: one to three, but they must have at least novice skills 3D Modellers: still unlimited

Note- Only the forums are up at the moment but when the main page gets up you will know



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25th May 2003

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#2 15 years ago

sounds cool, but I'll stick with reviewing maps for shord