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9th August 2004

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#1 16 years ago

I hav noticed how all rpg mods are either futuristic or well into the past. So I came up with kinda a ww2 rpg mod with features of deus x and well to justify them it would have to be kinda like rtcw aswell lol. The basic idea is that you signed up to a secret military scheme to make loads of money, this gave you loads of extra strength and room for more attachments (which you can find in german labs, wolfenstein style labs) giving you more strength and powers and of course youl hav to have a rival who u see the trails of say the odd soldier ripped apart here and there until of course in the end you fight them. As your powersprogress you should be able to like take on stronger things say from hitler youth to ss to tanks n stuff and of course it would have to be a free look to give it more of a rpg touch and fighting like dungeon siege if youv ever played it.

(i cant make anything for ut)

Its just an idea.