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#1 15 years ago

I have been looking for a way to easily change teams, while a game is in progress, for several days. To my knowledge there are no mutators available that accomplish this task for all game types. Eavy's Assault Bonus Pack actually does this perfectly but only for Assault mode and I generally spend most of my time playing CTF and Domination maps. I came across this little bit of information in The BIG Unnoficial Unreal Tournament FAQ

Fast PlayerSetup =menucmd 2 1 This brings up the player setup menu for faster team switching.

The only way I know how to change teams is to go into the Player Setup area and to change your color once the game has started. By using the Fast PlayerSetup key bind I am able to get to the screen nice and quickly but still have to hit the Escape key twice to return to my game. The Question [color=red]Is it possible to bind a key to press other keys[/color]? For example: By pressing the Q key the escape button is pressed twice, which for my case would return me to the game when I finish changing teams in the PlayerSetup window. [color=blue]FYI: Eavy does note that there used to be a console command for switching teams but Epic removed it to discourage people from doing so. He said the code still exists in UT which is how he was able to impliment it into his Assault pack.[/color]

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#2 15 years ago

I have no idea if you can bind keys to mimic other key presses, but I seriously doubt it. Unfortunately, I don't have the original UT on the computer, so I can't really test anything to be sure.


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#3 15 years ago

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