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24th October 2003

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#1 14 years ago

With the release of Suburbs today, unreal tournament 2004 has gained a totally new style of gameplay. This total conversion gives you nearly total freedom, you can just decide to cruise around in your car or kill anyone on sight. This first version of Suburbs offers a nice and exciting multiplayer adventure in which you can take it on to your friends. You are totally free in the choice of what you want to be doing. The city in which the game takes place, Pacifica, is an action packed city covering over 10kmĀ² of area, the gangsters and mob throughout the city rule over the biggest parts of the city, in the single player campaign these effects will be much more visible. Besides this we offer multiple types of cars, guns and models designed to give Suburbs a nice and new style. During the further development of in example single player campaign more will come to offer the players an even better and more exciting game and better gameplay. The game requires to be run with around 1.5Ghz and 64mb graphical card in order to give good results on a higher detail. Ofcourse on lower detail you will also be able to play it, but you might miss out some effects.

City description: ====================

Pacifica is an action packed city, ruled by gangsters and the mob. Threats come from every side, you'll never know what might happen in this metropolis.

You can download the game at e2games dot tk Mirrors will be up soon.

Some screenshots: Screenshots can be found on the site, this forum appears to be blocking the possibility to post screens, calls it spam.

Hope you can forgive the little bugs. There will be a second version coming out. Hint: it's not multiplayer but..

Hope you will enjoy it. Greetings from Entelix Entertainment Team

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15th September 2004

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#2 14 years ago

I typed this url in and it does not work. When i type the url in, in sends me to one of those search pages. Unless the site is not in English (which may be unreadable by my computer), is the url you typed correct or is there another site to download this mod from? Thanks.


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31st December 2003

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#3 14 years ago

link no work for me either