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#1 16 years ago

yea..i know many people who post on the first post for help dont get much respect but hello i am krazyace from this mod called Fighters Unlimited which is being ported to unreal tourney 2004...from quuake 3...we have coders modellers skinners an animator and a few miscellaneous workers (like sound fx, music composer, etc.) and because of our two mappers quitting we are in need of at least...donators...if not team members

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#2 16 years ago

I would help, but unfortunately, I am not very experienced in mod building. I barely know how to build a level but I am trying to learn. I ran into the same exact problem as far as asking for help for my first post. Trying to get help for my AS-Tornado stage was the reason I joined the forums. So far, that thread has had 83 views but 0 replies, and I still really need help with some of the more advanced things I will have to do to complete this stage.

I don't have Quake 3 so I am not familiar with the mod. I hope it is cool. What is it like.

I could do some mapping because I can make at least some simple maps. I've done skyboes so far, but I am stuck on some terrain issues and thus stuck on building my stage. Plus, I am in college, so I do not have much time to mess with it much.

I guess what I am trying to say is that I feel for you, man. I am willing to help an I can easily learn how to mod and stuff once I am shown how to do it. I have some good ideas, also (mostly weather-related but not all) for maps, weapons, etc.

Good Luck finding some help and welcome to the forums!