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7th August 2004

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#1 16 years ago

OK OK OK Let me calm down!!! *BREATHS IN BREATHS OUT* ok, here is my problem i searched using the search function and couldnt find any thing so dont flame if u find something. Ok iv had UT2k4 ever sence it came out in stores but all of a sudden out of nowher something happend! i was playing a SP game like i usually do because i have nothing better to do untill HL2 comes out :p and u know how when u shoot the wall ther should be a bullet hole our a blast mark? well ther not showing up any more. and #2! this really pisses me off! Example:robots cibernetics have purple blood, the skaarj or aliens have green blood and the humans have read blood. all i have is green blood and iv tried using deferent types of models. and #3 the blood(if its green our not) does not splater on the ground plzz ppl help me send me the files in a .zip something but pllllzzzz help!!! is ther an option on the menu to pick colored blood and i dont know about it?