editing a character mesh then importing it back into game -1 reply

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#1 16 years ago

i want to edit the diva character to make her hair smaller and also edit her outfit then put that model back into game same textures no new animations just some small adjustments to the mesh it self. the only program i got that will let me edit the mesh is milkshape 3d so i m gonna have to use that program right? tell me, when i am finished editing the mesh and want to export it i use the .psk option for the mesh export do i have to export a .psa in milkshape in order to have the animations or can i use some default animations in the unreal editor? because i could not find the animations in unreal editor last time..ya know when it wants you to import animations i could not find a .psa anywhere so i am guessing i have to export a .psa out of tghe milkshape 3d program right? and if so are the bones correct? or do i have to re add the vertices to the bonese because i edit the diva mesh? please help me someone! thanks