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3rd May 2003

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#1 14 years ago

Hey peoples. I have an ESO problem - I've never played ESO. Why? Whenever I try to log on with the account that used to work, I get an error saying there was a connection problem and that I should make sure I can connect to with my web browser. I was viewing about three minutes before I tried to get on ESO! What in the hell is up with that? And when I don't get THAT error, I get this one, I have deducted because I am on a router: Ensemble Studios Online is having trouble connecting to your computer (UDP port 2300). Please visit for more information It says I should try this on's FAQ section: You can use a different port by adding this to the command line/shortcut for the game: hostPort=XXXX (Where XXXX is the port you want the game to use for all its in-game traffic) I'm not a computer nerd, so what the hell does this mean? Someone must know how to do this! The place I'm going to for help right now is FAQ section. It's not helping much. Please, help! Anyone? This makes me... just... :furious::furious::furious: