Geforge 8800 series have problems with ut2004 -1 reply

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#1 11 years ago

Hello, I have started this tread here because there are big problems playing ut2004 with Geforge 8800 series graphic cards in windows XP ! The case is that NVIDIA has no suitable driver for ut2004 in windows XP. They have already confirmed this. But this problem is now running for more than 1 year ! We have done almost everything to solve this problem. But still there is no solution yet !:( We try to give mutch attention to our problem because it was not told when we where buying this graphic card. The problem is so called stuttering. Especially with maps as CTF-Citadel and DM-Trainingday. The more bots you will play with, the more stuttering. Before you give me a reply, read this first: NVIDIA Forums -> UT2004 stuttering - 8800 GTX And: Bring It To Barack? And: UT 2004 stuttering with 8800GT - Forums Otherwise you tell things we already know. Let me know youre reaction, or hup in on the nvidia forum. Youre welcome ! Greetings, willem.:cya: