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#1 13 years ago

Hi Guys xp 3000 1 gig mem gefore fx500 Vid Card Windows xp Pro Adsl wireless router Unreal 2003 with latest patches I am having difficulty connecting with some games over the internet particular dm matches, When my friend starts a game, i can see it but when i try to connect the screen just goes black just showing the ip address along with ut.index, then nothing, we have tried all game types including dedicated server but the result is the same, We can play lan games no problem but it beats the object of us both playing at home, At the moment we are both able to join a game hosted by someone else, so i think there must be setting somewhere or perhaps just bad connections we both are on broadband any suggestions much appreciated Paul


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#2 13 years ago

is your friend connected to a router, LAN, or has a firewall on? oftenly that's what interfere. I do, however, know of several people with the same problem without any of the abovementioned issues, then it's the ISP bugging. Guess it can't be helped then, you should try hosting the game yourself and give him the IP, maybe that may solve it.