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#1 13 years ago

i play ut2003 and i want to upload new maps.. and i downloaded several maps from this site and i have no idea how to make'em work.. could someone please help? thax have a lovely day :)



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1st July 2006

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#2 13 years ago

Here's a "Basic Readme" I've got on my site for Unreal 1 maps, modified for UT2003. You may keep a copy of it, and pass it around to others. Readme for Generic.zip ================================================== Extract the .zip contents into your Unreal directory. Cut and paste the files into their proper UT2003 folders. .ut2 goes into C:\UT2003\Maps .utx goes into C:\UT2003\Textures .umx goes into C:\UT2003\Music .uax goes into C:\UT2003\Sounds .usx goes into C:\UT2003\StaticMeshes .u goes into C:\UT2003\System .int goes into C:\UT2003\System ================================================== Report any problems with the .zip and its contents.