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7th January 2005

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#1 16 years ago

Hi ;) me and my brother play UT2003 over a LAN and while it mostly works with out problems there are a few things that seem strange for a Arena game for example when the host kills someone bot or human the body of the dead player can be shot around and flung by the bullets this dosen't always happen for the Client also i d/l'ed a mod called the Momokagun and got it to work over the lan by adding the line in the UT ini file but the weapon on the host machine leaves flamelets on the walls it hits but not on the client, problems like this are very annoying and can't be unfixable as another mod that has a wall burning weapon works fine what am i missing :confused: . so basicly i would like to know how to syncronize both games, i have copied the host's game to my machine so thay are the same just not when connected any help would be great :nodding: :bows: I also ment to mention that i need to know how to activate mutators over lan i D/L'ed the CoolDeath Mut and it dosen't work on the client that at least must be fixable??? another example discoverd a downloaded map called spacenoxx has a back drop of clouds and planets works fine on instant action and fine on the host but all the client gets is a huge egyptian stone box as a back drop. also on anothe topic in the ut system folder and txeture folder there is mention of a skarrj pack and all the files to back it up but i cant select it in mutators or anywhere how do i activate it, and the classic ut weapons mutator seems to do nothing. again any help with just one of these probs would be fantastic :)

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15th September 2004

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#2 16 years ago

Did you try to activate "enable client downloads" for your server. This may solve some problems (though if you did not have this on, people w/o files could not enter the server because it would give them an error message saying that they do not have the files). Also, do you only over LAN with your brother? Maybe one of your game copies or computer software or hardware components has an error. Try making sure that both of your games are up to date and have the same files. Also, the same game, even the same disk, will act differently on two different computers. It may work perfectly on one computer and be glitchy on the other or not work at all. Usually, running system diagnostics such as defrags and antiviruses may fix the problem somewhat. Also, do not forget to update all of your drivers. I actually play UT2K4 and played UT2K3 rarely online and that was a long time ago. But both games are similar. They do not have the same mods, though, and thus I can't tell you if i would have the same problems if I were to download those mods (and I do not have my copy of UT2K3 with me). Also, I have noticed that the UT Classic mutuator does nothing to the game. You'd think it would give you the old weapons and items and stuff, but it does not. Must only allow certain UT classic-like items and weapons to appear on a level (man, I really miss that UT classic rocket launcher; 7 rockets instead of 3, very nice!!). Finall,y I believe that the skarrj pack is not a mutator but a package that adds stuff to the game. Skarrj are playable characters in UT2K4. I think that I have these packs also. I think that they basically activate themselves and are always activated when the game runs. Hope that helps. Later!