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#1 13 years ago

I just bought UT2004 and while I am busy installing this sonofabiatch comes up: 503cmtt.jpg Help!


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#2 13 years ago

Where is the game actually installed on your computer? What is its specific directory? Because it that isn’t the normal map directory. Mine is D:\UT2004\Maps. You are missing your UT2004 file. So are you installing to your hard drive without a UT folder? That is what I am seeing anyways and I would like to know why you are doing that? It kind of looks like that map didn’t install correctly from the CD. Have you tried a reinstallation yet? I am going to assume because you said you just got the game there is no dirt on the CD or horrible scratches on it yet. Hell, you might have gotten a bad CD. Why did you get the CD version? O.o? The DVD version is 10 bucks and comes with the newest patch already included, I think with the EC included.

Edit: Did a Google search for you and came up with this: did you look in the CD drive"?

HOw much Free space do you have left???

if the inside is clean and you have LOTS of free space left just go to my computer/ControlPanel/System then go to Device Manger then clik on View Devices by type, the clik on The cdRom logo and clik on remove and restart the computer.......

when the computer is loading a window will come up saying "Found new hardwhare" and it will instal the CD-Rom back on the computer!

It will work, becuse i had to do that with my computer.!


I didn't make it!

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#3 13 years ago

kool, thx 4 helping will try evrything and get back 2 u....