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28th July 2004

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#1 16 years ago

Does anyone have any idea why people who join games I hosted cant play if I have certain mutator mods enabled (Remote strike 2k4 and UT4ever, to be exact) In both cases both myself and the person trying to join are running 3236-patched ut2004 on a 4-computer lan and have the mods in question installed. In remote strike when my freind tries to join my game,. or I try to join a dedicated server we started, the person joining starts with no weapons and none of the weapons appear in game. In UT4Ever some of the weapons function abnormally on the computer of the person who joins. in both cases the server can play normally. We are both running AMD Athlon XP processors. Mine has a 2600+, 1G of 2700 DIMMs on double channel and a 256mb GeForce Fx 5200 in an AGP 8x mainboard. My OS is XP home, my freinds is XP pro. Help?:confused: