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#1 12 years ago

When I setup my first player character I chose a human, after that I could no longer choose a robot or monster for another profile, just humans (wierd and otherwise). Is this a problem? Should I re-install the game? Also, I have a problem with vocal volume levels. My favorite 3rd party character is Homer Simpson. The vocals are very difficult to hear. I have tweaked the sound settings in Options to where it is workable and (mostly) enjoyable, but there were alot of hoops to go through. Is it possible to simply boost the voice in these third party mods? lastly, is there a way of cheating up some more credits? I'm not very good at this game... I pass at Adept... Example: I was very disappointed last night when I couldn't "afford" a team member. This is a great game! It's allot of fun. Thanks for your help.

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#2 12 years ago

yes there is a way - if u aktualy wana do the tourney to unloc the chars manualy, go to my comp, and open C/UT2004/System/User.ini hold ctrl+f and search for [GUI2K4.UT2k4MainPage] click on find underneath this, it will say TotalUnlockedCharacters= change it to say: [GUI2K4.UT2k4MainPage] TotalUnlockedCharacters=CLANLORD;MALCOLM;XAN just close it, save, and play hf :)