Anyone willing to sell me their copy of Unreal Tournament? -1 reply

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#1 14 years ago

Hi. If this is in the wrong forum, just throw it in mine, but I though that it would get a little more attention here. I'm looking for a (legal) copy of Unreal Tournament, preferably Game of the Year Edition but either will do. I have source code for the game (legally obtained) but currently cannot compile it correctly, and I tried E-bay, but they want my credit/debit card # just to be a member, which is BS (I wasn't even going use my debit card). Anyway, the only other option I can pursue is to ask around here and in other places. So, is anyone willing to sell me a copy of the game. You can also give it to me, but no copies or CD keys or warez. I will not accept personal copies, only legitimate copies of the game.

If you are willing, IM or PM me. Again, I will not accept illegal copies or warez. If you PM me with a warez offer, you will be reported.


EDIT: If this is against forum policy in any way, I will delete it. I have made if perfectly clear, though, that this is not a warez request and warez will not be accepted.