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#1 16 years ago

I currently play on this UT2004 (Rankin) game site, its one of the best I've played on in a while but lately we been getting these players that come off with questionable scores e.g. 247 199 174 In the mean time I scored 87 and the other 10 players with 79,77,76,68,64,63,60,59,48 and 32. And thats not the only thing at the first 10 seconds of the game these guys already have 79 points or better not to mention the bonus activated, such as Faster Rate of Fire Invisibility. I read that the only way to activate the "Bonus" was to get 100 points first. The list goes on. The point I'm trying to make here we all are trying to have some fun and improve our stats and these guys just come in and upsets the whole process. I looked up these guys stats and they are currently ranked 1, 2 an 4. There should some guidelines established where these individuals be banned from these sites and play someone in their tear/Rankings because they already established their stats and we are trying to establish ours. Sure its only for fun but wheres the fun in playing a game where you know you have no chance of winning. And sure you'll have these individuals that will say; you can learn something from these guys. My question to these people is What? What do you gain and learn by having your face rubbed in it time after time is this "Fun"! Well if thats fun I want no part of it, I spent big bucks putting my rig together and there are many out there who did the same and all I want is to play and have a good time and excell at UT2004 Death Match and I do a lot of reading to improve myself and sometimes it all seems worthless when you have these individuals who can come in and do anything they choose. But this will not stop me for I will continue to play and learn and who knows maybe one day we can put a stop to this, but until that time arrives I will quit playing the match when I see these people names on the players list and I urge other players do the same and just maybe these guys will get the point. If there are any people out there who feels the same as I do about this matter, I would appreciate your input. :moon:This is for those whom this message is addressed.