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#1 11 years ago

DM-ZAHLTAG_CITY_1 Modded by *MAG*Creep & sound by Sinji[DOG] We at *MAG* are rusty old Australian unreal 1 players from way back. Now that unreal tournant has took its place we and some of the serious unreal1 map makers are puting some of the best and most popular cutom maps from unreal 1 into unreal tournament 2004, and running them on the new dm server called *MAG* old Unreal T1. The best of them all is DM-ZAHLTAG we have 2 versions of it, zahltag-sniper & zahltag-city. It is a large high rised buildings city scape with a arena courtyard in the middle, and is a sipers haven with run and gun play below. Zahltag has every form of dm game play possible, shoot from roofs, ledgs, windows, with plenty of ammo health armor & weapons. These maps wer made & modded by expert mappers from unreal 1 community, here are some names, Juergen Vierheilig, Buster sneaki_B, [ip]J, Sinji(DOG), Dik[KOR], and novice mapper *MAG*Creep. Buster sneaki_B has put zahltag-sniper onto FILE FRONT WEB SITE and it is now front page stuff in the usa, here it is DM-Zahltagsniper, Unreal Tournament 3 Downloads, Unreal Tournament 3 Deathmatch The *MAG* server will be running Zahltag versions only and here are the hours the 20 player server is open monday to friday 5pm to 2am, and all weekend. The server is a p4 computer 3ghz with 1gig ram , and is dedicated as server only use, with a 2MB UPLOAD & 32MB DOWNLOAD, so yes the bandwidth is awsome. The *MAG* members are new to ut2004 but are old hands at unreal 1, so please go easy on us lol. Check out our web site at unreal stuff is yet to be added to our site.