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#1 12 years ago

Hi all i am ninjakiller and i made 6 months ago a server whit a good friend of my we now have 5 admins and more then 3000 players played on the server of Fire-Of-The-Flames game type invasion on ut 2004 we make new maps every month and we make new monsters we already have more then 60 new monsters and already we have 9 new maps what we made we also have a fast download server so you can download everything very fast you start at level 50 and you get 45 point for each level so you can buy allot extra stuff we have rpg and loaded weapons you can buy or loaded artifacts if you want loaded artifacts dont buy regeneration or vampirism or loaded weapons. when you buy something you dont want we can remove it one time only for each player you can buy in the server when you press L . you also can visit the website of us :cool: On the web site you can see screenshots and whats new and you can read how everything works.we have players that gets easy 50 levels or more a day the highest player have 2063 levels already he plays every day. server ip = We also search new players from holland who want to be admin for only 5 euro a month and you get 100 levels for free extra. please come and play on the server that rocks. On the server is english or dutch langauge allowed ps dutch = hollands. we have also a teamspeak server :) you always can ask me everything email me [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL]