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4th April 2004

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#1 16 years ago

:eek: Are there secret skins? I saw a guy using a Green Robot, and i dont have it, but it shows up! and hes in the intro! Also i saw a guy using malcom! And hes in the intro! How do i unlock these dudes? Also i was wondering wtf is a nali and are there any in UT 2k4?:confused:


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30th December 2003

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#2 16 years ago

the green robot you saw is the old UT boss, Xan. And to unlock these two characters (Malcolm as well), you need to complete singleplayer, if you have completed singleplayer without unlocking them, you need to configure something in the .ini files.

Just search on google :)


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16th November 2004

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#3 16 years ago

The Nali were a race of nice aliens from the Original Unreal 1 who were bald and had 4 arms. They were really cute and worshipped you in the first game. They would lead you to ammo and new guns if you followed them and protected them from the enemies. There were also Nali Cows which pretty much just ate grass and walked around and went MOOOO. In UT99, the first bonus pack that came out gave everyone a Nali skin with a Nali Warrior, and a Warcow. They were awesome and still have a cult following (of which I'm a part) trying to get them imported to UT2004. You can fight Nali with the Satore monster pack mutator in Invasion, but there isn't a skin for it yet. Here is a screenshot of what Nali look like in Invasion (they look the same as they did in Unreal 1) As far as your unlocked characters go, you have the ability to unlock 3 different characters: Xan (the boss of UT99), Malcolm, and the Skaarj Clanlord. But in order to unlock them you have to beat the game three times on different difficulties. You will only have the option of fighting one of them in the final level, and you will unlock whichever one you fight and beat...but keep in mind that if, over the course of the game, you get one of these three characters to be part of your team, it will be impossible to unlock that character, cause you can't fight someone from your own team in the last level. If you are too lazy to beat the game 3 different times on different difficulties and just want to play online, you can go into your UT2004 folder, go into the System folder, open up your User.ini file, and look for this: If you want the easy way, go to your user file in the system folder, change "TotalUnlockedCharacters=" to "TotalUnlockedCharacters=Malcolm;ClanLord;Xan" This is case sensitive. When you have altered the file, save it, close it, and start up UT, they should be selectable. Remember that if you are ever tweaking your .ini files, you should always save a backup of the original somewhere other than the UT2004/System folder so that if something goes wrong, all you have to do is copy and paste, and you'll be back at your default configurations.