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3rd March 2007

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#1 14 years ago

Proving Grounds is proud to announce that our first cash tournament is ready for signups! The Unreal Tournament community has been the driving force in PG's success, and as such, our first event will be for Unreal Tournament 2004 Onslaught 6vs6 Cash Tournament. As mentioned earlier this week, our cash tournaments require an entry fee from all participants - this tournament's fee is $30.00 per team. With this fee we are able to offer attractive prizes for the top 6 teams ranging from $100 to $500.

Our cash tournaments offer several changes from our normal tournaments that make them perfect for serious competitive play. In addition to cash prizes, cash tournaments have no back-up nights, and referees and official servers will be available for all matches to eliminate nonsense delays. The tournament will proceed at a brisk pace, advancing two rounds per week for most of the tournament. This package makes for a exciting, competitive environment, removing obstacles that normally interfere with smooth match flow. Mandatory demos and score screenshots also bring cheat protection to a higher level, ousting cheaters as soon as they come.

Before signing up, please read the rules to see how this event will unfold, and to prepare for your match times. The tournament is set to begin October 13th, so make sure you sign up by October 10th.

Best of luck to all!