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2nd February 2004

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#1 16 years ago

Guys, Has anyone had this in UT2003 when i goto to the online game section and then refesh it or it loads up auto all the servers that are available to play on in either DM, BR etc, all the servers are not bright they are all grayed out and when i connect to a server it takes ages. Basically it gets stuck where it says something like index, i can connect to some servers but not all of them, the server list is all grayed out by which i mean its normally in black and white writing, the servers are all gray writing, meaning you cant access them i think, anyone got any ideas why this is happening. UT2004 and UTGOTYE all work and look fine in the online gaming screen, why is this only happening with UT2003. It use to work fine a couple of weeks ago and i havent changed anything to do with the game, please reply asap, Thanks