Memories of Warcraft Three (RoC/TfT) -1 reply

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16th November 2004

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#1 13 years ago

Alright, Can't think of a good title, At the moment. But since I left this.. (Godly) Game for World of warcraft..(All my friends left, So Meh.) Things I -miss- about this game.. (And I might even Re-install it.) - Role-playing maps. Why? Role-playing, Is generally one of my all time favs. Been doing it since Command and conquer Renegade, Battlefield 1942 (Fun one.) Than Warcraft 3. And even alil sometimes in my head on WC2 for the playstation (Before we got a comp.) - Ol' School tank wars. You know, the.. "Change range.. Fire." That took caculations. .. Instead of the new versions.. "Go in, Buy the powerfulest weapon, Kill everything" - Seal Tag. .. Ever since I played it for the first time of playing TFT, I couldn't get enough of it! Than, I moved to Battlefield '42.. Fer awhile, Came back.. Gone. Oh well, Right? Right. fun lil' game involing Seals, Eskimos(Think so.. Long time ago!) - Clan - Toxicity, Sure the two main people of it moved away from it aswell But than, The leader of this brilliant guild - The -REAL- maker of ITT (Ice-Troll tribes.) The LEGIT one - Xel_Naga, I knew him a little, Seen him in the clan channel, Also Weevilman. Those two, Was in the clan aswell. Thought I'd never see the day, But I did. -Zergling run .. FUN map, Went with my name, The chasers even sometimes whined about "stop running! plz let us win!" I just said. "Okay, I'm behind you!", And "I seeee you..." "Hmm.. One by one the clock goes down, Who will find me? Nobody knows!" (Made the zerglings who died, Go in team chat and go.. "Wtf?" Haha! fun!) Now to things I do not miss.. - DoTA.. Seriously, Sure whoevers reading this might like that.. Horrible map. If I want a damned AoW I can just play Joint ops - On a full server, Or even Counter strike (Hate that game.) - Random level 30+ People bragging about being better than I in a ranked system that means nothing other than "Hey look at me! I wasted half my life on getting this very high rank!" Or, If they're Asian.. Than, Rock on. (Cause it's BAD to diss asians in gaming, They'll go ape.) - A lot of other Unimportant stuff that isn't so important to post on this


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27th July 2004

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#2 13 years ago

DoTA aint a horrible map... those 20+ people are horrible... but that has nothing to do with the map

anyway, you're gonna play it again? or not?