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As I said, i know that many of you will find this unecessery but I would really appreciate it if you sacrifice a few minutes to answer these questions. It doesn't have to be too detailed as I'm going to split it up in smaller groups later on, the results will then be shown at a future website where also other conclusions and results will be. This is for a criminology / youthculture-work for school where we want to show that there IS a difference between different game-cultures. The website will later be publicied at the forum when the test is over. In the final statistics everything is of course anonymus. You can either answer directly in the forum or write to [email=""][/email] (i would prefer the mail) Thanks in advance.

1: What game/ games do you play? (Choose between Counter-Strike, Warcraft3, Starcraft, Diablo2 , Worms Armageddon / Worms World Party, any kind of roleplaying-games at the computer, live roleplaying-games (running around in the forest), sitting irl and playing “dice roleplaying-game”s) 2: Why did you start playing it? 3: Why are you playing it? 4: What do you think about other people who play any of the other games? 5: What is the stereotype for the other game/-s? 6: What is a stereotype for your game like? 7: Are you a stereotype for your game? 8: How do you release your anger / what do you do when you get angry? 9: What music do you mostly listen to? 10: Will you ever get tired of your game? (Y / N ) 11: How old are you? 12: Female or male? 13: For how long have you been playing the game? 14: How many around the world do you think play “your” game? 15: How has the game affected you? 16: Do you dare to admit that you play the game to someone you’ve just met? 17: Do you have any other interests? If so, what / which? 18: Do you act different when you see that someone has a girl’s name? 19: When do you take breaks / stop playing? 20: What do you think about newcomers, also known as “noobs”?

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#2 16 years ago

ok these are weird questions. :uhm: yeah. and why the hell are they in these forums.

well your not asking for much info are you.