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2nd February 2009

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#1 10 years ago

'ello, I'm DaedraEater. :cya: I'm a (fairly) good gamer on B.Net, although I preffer a good custom game rather than racing up the ladder.

Clan SuMa (Super-Ultra-Mega-Awesome, original, isn't it?) needs new recruits. We're a laid-back general gaming clan, although we're planning on working a bit on some maps and maybe try to go up the ladder bit-by-bit.

We've got "two" sites: one of them, our Main site is mainly for show/major ntives while our Forum has more frequent/recent posts. Remember, you've got to register an account on both of the pages, prefferably the forum, since that's the site we'll be using most often.

We play on USEast (Azeroth) so if you want to join us, /msg me (same username as here) or any higher ranking member (such as Admiral-Zombie, imsohordee & Geazergimli2)

Make Clan SuMa your choice for great Warcraft III gaming. :assimilate: