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18th June 2004

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#1 16 years ago

Fatal Alliance is looking for members. We are a multi-gaming clan, we plan on playing games in all genres including xbox. We've just established and currently building the roster. We mainly focus on fun, but will participate in clan ladders when more members will be joining. We do not believe in ranks, however we use a job system that allows certain members to have a task. It's easy as a webmaster, forum admin, recruiter, advertiser, match organizer etc. You do not need to have a job, you can join for fun, to play ladders and to help the clan. It is your decision. We do not have any restricted laws, rules, and nazi style behavior towards members, all are treated equaly, whenever there is a new idea in the clan, we will vote on it with all members. We are currently recruiting in unreal 2004, warcraft 3: Fronzen throne, gunbound and couple of other games at the moment. The only requirement for now is to download, this allows members to join ingames immediately without any hassles. For example, if I am playing a game on a certain server, you do not even have to speak to me, you can simply select my name and then press join, it's that easy. We are new, we are evolving. Our current tag is [-FA-], there is no training if you want to join, there will be for ladders however. We believe that gaming was invented for entertaining ourselves and we will keep it this way. The minimum age is 14 but we prefer 16+, high speed is recommended, unless you are willing to download mods and such. If you are interested, please contact KviK through [email][/email] on msn, or kvik on xfire. Thank you (temp side, only roster page working for now)