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#1 15 years ago

1) how do i make so that a forcewall/other door is open at start of game? 2) how do i make it so that doors are invicible? 3) how do i make it so that if your go into a region some doors close 4)how do i make a building/tower spawn when unit enters region im trying to make a trap^^


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#2 15 years ago

Use triggers, and... aagh, they are so hard to explain, but here it comes!

1) New trigger->New event->All->map initialization. Then New Action->Destructible->Open/Close/Destroy Gate

2) New event->All->Map initialization New Action->Destructible->Show/Hide

3) First make region where you want that door closes when unit enters it. New trigger->New event->Unit->Unit Enters Region Then new action->Destructible->Open/Close/Destroy Gate

4) Make Region where u want that tower to be spawned. Then new event->Unit->Unit Enters Region New Action->Unit->Create Unit Facing Angle

I hope you understand. If you don't contact me and i try to help you more. :)