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#1 14 years ago

Hiya, I'm making a map at the moment, a simple map, which we need to defend base from the attack and some sort. Here, I put 1 marine with Critical strike,trueshot aura, and . and it's all works nice and perfectly. Until, I changed all the original and my custom spell levels by 5 and a trigger, the problem come up. The critical Strike Dont do what it should be done. so the hero just shoot-shoot and shoot but no critical strike perform. thing that bother me is, why is that happened? I just put the trigger (after i changed the levels to 5, i make a trigger then test the map) I make a trigger for upgrading weapon. Like for example, One weapon can be attached by some spesific item that will adding damage or status, Just like in Parasite Eve 2, where Aya's weapon (M4A1) can be attached couple attachments, and the hero cannot have more than one attachments plus only a spesific type of hero who can used the attachments. Now, I make an item for the weapon, Only Marine unit who can uses those attachments, i put a trigger something like this: Event - Unit Aquires an Item Condition - Item type = Stungun(attachment) Condition - Unit type = Marine Action - Create 'name item' for corresponding hero. At that time, the marine will has an item that can be clicked or maybe a passive ability like bash-(therefore i might add on the trigger above) that could stun an enemy when he shoot or when we clicked on the item, and i want to make the stun to be AoE(Area of Effect). This is where I'm stuck at the moment. At first, it worked, but the stun only for One target, eventho i already spesiify the Area damage on the ability editor (I used Storm Bolt as a base, btw) and now, after couple of times testing the map, all the stun, critical hits aren't working at all, I Restarted my World Editor, but still the same. HELP!!! Any Reply regarding this problem whould be very appreaciated. Or maybe any of you could tell me better trigger to put and how it done. Thanks!


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#2 14 years ago

Explain this to me like I'm a six year old, just the question you're having trouble with. And use the {code} {/code} tags for code, with [={. ANd use Copy trigger as text for what's inside the tags. Again, all I need is the question. The backgrond information is uneccisary.