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#11 16 years ago
MesandarI want to make a spell called 'Fear' What does it have to do? Let enemy units rout every X seconds... The problem is: I can't Let enemy units rout... Any suggestions? My trigger untill now: Event: A unit owned by (all allies of (player 1 red) ) Begins casting an ability Condition: Ability (being cast) is equal to fear Action: :uhm:

Action: Pick units within range of (Unit casting ability) matching - owner of matching unit equal to (enemies of (player 1 red) ) and do - unit issue order with no Target (Picked unit MoveTo (Position of Unit - ??Get the enemies start position? or any enemy building??)) Note this is just off the top of my head so don't expect exact refernces to actions, ect Hope this helps. ;)

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