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#1 17 years ago

I have been trying to find the Marine unit in world editor. I have only found it in a starship troopers map but i cant get it in a new map. I have searched everywhere and have concluded that it isnt in the editor. I have edownloaded editor enhancers but i still ant find it. I am now trying to import the model from the starship troopers map and save it into my custom folder but i dont know how to to that. I am trying to use gmax but i dont know how to convert the files and then convert them back please help me. If you wish you may IM me on Aol Instant Messenger. My Screen name is Avalanche0316. THank you for your time.


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#2 17 years ago

go there and WorldEdit Enhancer (V0.1) should be under the Top 10 Downloads, using that editor you can place the Marine, and other units, it tells you pretty much all it does.



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#3 17 years ago