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#1 14 years ago

Hey there I'm new to warcradft and it's map editor. I've been slowly working through it teaching myself how use it. Yet there is some things I can't quite grasp how to do.

I want to give different units different attacks. I want to make a dragon turtle to bite when it attacks normaly. Yet from a distance be able to shoot missiles using the bombard ability that motor teams have. I'm not sure how to do this. I tried to use a motor team unit and change it'a model to a dragon turtle. Even though I can get the bombard abilty I can't change the normal attacks to bites.Can anyone help me?Also I'm interested in general how to do this so I can play around with other units too.

Also I have another need for help. This one may be more complex to do. I want to make a steam Engine visually amphibious. Now I've manage to change the movement easy enough. Yet I want to do more with it. I want it so that when it goes into the deep sea it can't be seen at all except for maybe some bubbles( but that bit isn't important). I want it so when it's in shallow water it can be seen moving as normal in the water and then when it goes to the deep water it can't be seen. I found that just putting the unit as a amphibious unit is not enough. As when it goes into water it just appears on the surface for both deep and shallow water.

Any help will be much appreciated