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11th August 2004

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#1 16 years ago

Questions #1----how can i set the starting locations for players/computerplayers? Question #2---can smoeone help me with a campaign/scenario? I need someone that can model or can do scripting ( something im not very good at.) Question #3- I hope i havent bothered anyone with this thread just fel tit was necessary to my plight. Thank you for reading my post, hope to hear from you soon.


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27th July 2004

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#2 16 years ago

Question 1: simply go to the terrain palette -->units. at the 'buildings' section, you will also see a starting location. this is a transparant main building (town hall, stronghold, ...) to create starting locations for other players: You first need to go to 'scenario' --> Player properties. If you activated the players you need by clicking on 'controller' and scrolling down to user, or computer, you can normally place starting locations for these players too.

Question 2: I can't model. what do you mean with scripting? making triggers? the trigger editor is a very good editor...

Question 3: tit? :) anyway: 1 hint: learn by messing with the editor. your irst creations may be bad, but you learn that way...