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Hi all, I am currently the sole member of the ThunderCats Total Conversion for WarCraft III.

That is the meager little site I threw together for it, linked above.

I wanted to get the word out and also ask one question in particular at this moment...

Okay, here's what I want to do. My 3D modeling skills are very minimal, this is the project I want to improve them on, but in the interest of my sanity, speed, and Quality... what I'd like to do is take units and buildings, and other sorts of models already in WarCraft III and modify them.

Say, for instance... I'd like to take Prince Arthas and trim up his model, expand it in a few places... etc, to make him into Lion-O from ThunderCats.

What different sorts of programs could I do this with, and is it even possible with ANY program to edit the pre-existing WC3 models?

Any links, or instructions?

I'm assuming 3D studio would do the job, but maybe there is a better, simpler option? (or just simpler, if not better)