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#1 16 years ago

im creating my own map and i was wondering how 2 put a item on one of the hostile units, im sure this is very easy but since im a newb at map creating.... thx alot in advance


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27th July 2004

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#2 16 years ago

you double click on the unit. you will see it's life% and other% etc. I think... if you go to 'items dropped' or something like that, then you see 'items dropped on death:' select 'use custom item table'. click on 'new set' and 'new item'. select an item, click ok, and here you go. in a table you can put items to. the more items in 1 table, the less chance you will have item X or item Y (for instance: if there are 2 items in a table, you will have 50% chance to get item X and 50% chance to get item Y when you kill somebody.) To let a creature drop more items, simply create 2 or more tables with only 1 item in each table. heroes (and also some neutral units) can have an inventory. you can also put items in the inventory, but these will not be dropped on death. there only function are bonusses/potions for the unit. if you created a unit with a trigger, and you want to let the unit drop an item (and first give it), you will have to do that with an action.