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#1 15 years ago

hi guyys, im new here, i need a help!! ok. the problem is: WHY THE F**K MY WARCRAFT 3 IS SO DARK!!!??? plz help me, i think that its my video card (its a SiS 300/305) but, i've tried a lot of drivers, softwares and a lot more stuffs, and i just cant fix it... plizzz guuysss i need your help!!!! thx!


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#2 15 years ago

Well.... you should be able to change the brightness and contrast levels in-game. Warcraft3 Is naturally a dark game... dun know why. If you can't find any option like that then change your monitor settings itself (on your monitor) and change it to be brighter. If your on a laptop their should be a brightness key that you can press


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#3 15 years ago

hummm, ok, i've already tried to change the brightness in game and, its just awful... hmm, the colors stay too much "white" u know, they dont stay like the natural colors, its just , uh, strange..... i've readed a document at the net that it says thats my video card, and together with it was a fix guide for it... i should download a MPQ viewer,open the war3.mpq ,and find the file MiscData.txt , modify an option there that is called Z-Fog Terrain, and then save it!! and it worked!! thx a lot for triying to help me XD well okz, ,bb