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18th August 2007

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#1 9 years ago

Hello GF O.o well this is (once again) new thread due to my inability to post in proper places... dammit i get confused so easy.

at anny rate i am owner of the "gold" Czech pack of War III (includes the game and TFT and some patches).i (sort of) liked the RPG part with the damn mutant guy and his bear... BUT i were unable to find continuation to the story(claming that it will be present in future patches)... its either nonsence or my patching effort is usless (just got full patch to 1.2.0 and downloading other patches so dunno if it works or not) well either way is tehre place i can get the entire sotry ting? or specific patches its present at? (incase its not in these.... or i fail or whatever) or possibly some guide as to HOW install it if i have it and just dont know how to put it in.... treat me like i dunno a thing about putting mods in WC3... wich i well dont actually have much experience O.o... everything untill now just sort of happened all by itself XD

ohhincase its confusing dont worry i usually am... i am talking about the RPG mod that were rpesent in the game (never played WC3 alone so it dunno about THAT) but it sure were present in missiond of default TFT