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#1 13 years ago

I finally got Warcraft 3 to work, i could not even connect to battle.net for the longest time. I downloaded a portforwarding program( even tho i did it myself but it didnt work..) and i was able to connect seconds after using the program. Now that i am on battle.net i cannont join any custom maps, or host any custom maps. I guess ill tell you what im working with here - Im am on a Wireless internet connected computer ( which is a very shity idea to anyone who wants one if u play games ) With a Netgear wireless port ( also very shitty ) Model Wgr614v5 But like i said i just got a portfowarding program that opened up the 6112 ports through 6119 for tcp and UDP and i can connect...but i cant do anything. Also i have McAfee running and windows firewall is turned off. Any one have any ideas?


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#2 13 years ago

Your router probably has a build-in firewall that blocks your connection to battlenet, disabling your ability to host.