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#1 9 years ago

i recently bought dow2 and did not like it (im not a big fan of relying so heavily on resources)...anyway - i recently just loaded dow back onto my computer and have all the patches. i love filefront for the many mods and patches, however, since i have put dow back on my computer i cannot get anything to work. dow works fine, but none of the mods, banners or badges work even though i am putting them in the right file. any ideas? also - i lent out my DOWWA and DOWDC and the guy who returned them did not get me my cd key back. do you guys have any ideas as to how i can get those so i can load these games? thanks.

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#2 9 years ago

Well you need those cd-keys. Without them, you basically have a disc worth nothing. That said, they might still be in your registry from before. Use the run command (win+r) run regedit and search. I think dow has entries in hkey_local_machine>software>thq

Though your best bet is getting those cd-keys from the person you lend the cd's to.


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#3 9 years ago

If your DOW is working fine then you might not have a problem with the CD key for the present. I would recommend getting it back, because if your friend still uses it or shares it with someone else it can cause a multiplayer conflict and can constitute piracy.

Aside from those technicalities, it is a bit strange to be able to run the game but not have mods work when they are in the right place. I think you still might have some issue of some kind relating to installing the mods, which is the only thing I know of that will keep them from working when the game is fine. Here is a basic checklist:

1. You are actually running the version of DOW that you installed the mods in (WA, DC, SS) 2. The xxxx.module file and corresponding main mod folder is in the main file folder 3. The mods should show up in your Game Manager, it takes restarting the game for it to recognize them 4. If you have had it before and reinstalled, make sure you don't have the game installed twice accidentally in different places (drive letters, etc - look at your shortcut path to make sure) as it could be running the wrong one.

I hope it works out for you! :)