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11th February 2008

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#11 11 years ago

I voted once a week. I'm just trying to find other games cheaper (and if I

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29th January 2007

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#12 11 years ago

Well I've started again :)


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17th August 2007

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#13 11 years ago

here and there. COD4 just has me hooked. the rts experience just doesnt feel as exciting as it use to. although im starting again with the TTRU mod.


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24th October 2007

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#14 11 years ago

I like the idea of an awards system. C&C generals had a nice award system. SS well def change things up, as with all the other expansions old tactics will get watered down and new tactics will come into play. maybe they'll lift the limit on crisis suits you can build ...


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#15 11 years ago

i play skirmishes when i do play, but i dont play often, i neve liked the multiplayer in any of the dawn of wars... i always get rushed right away because my style of play is build until you have an army, then atack.

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