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Junk angel

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29th January 2007

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Not in cannon

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26th January 2006

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#22 12 years ago

In my opinion the best of the races commanders where:

Chaos - Eliphas, Bale sounded like a man with a sore throat and Crull was too crazy to command a fly.

Eldar - Original Farseer macha! She had the deeper voice and frustrated gabrial angelos to the point of saying "stop speaking in riddles!"

Orks - Gorgutz is great, orkamungus blew hard, wasn't tough and sounded shite.

Imperial guard - I'm undecided, new one is american and too young, the american bit sucks, i liked the english of the old guy, however he's too old!

Necrons - Well, the first time they've done one really, I like him

Tau empire - Ok one gripe, WHY AN XV22 BATTLESUIT!!! These are rare battlesuits and there are only 2 of them and 1 belongs to shadowsun, I would prefer and XV8 battlesuit commander, that would be far cooler.

Space marines - New guy is great like the new voice and image, old guy was good but his face was bit badly done, he look like a man who went pre-maturely grey.