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29th January 2007

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#21 12 years ago
if rush necrons with dark reapors or banshees they have no chance 2 survive as long as it is quick anoth

Not if he anticipates and goes wraiths.

I play as necrons and i dont think that they are overpowered cos the more obelisks they have THE SLOWER THE PRODUCTION OF NECRON WARRIORS BECOMES!! and the resorb ability is fine the way it is but the necrons will very rarely revive with out the res orb.

) THE MORE obelisks you have, the faster the production is!

Necron is indeed one of the toughest matches for an eldar. Unless a tspam tactic is used.

Thus if you meet an open nec in auto, your chances to win are some 90% but if he is a only dc random......

Further about wraithtomb. It's nice, but a bit too late and costly